Chris Langford

Writer / Director / Producer

Chris Langford has over 15 years of experience in independent film production. His work ranges from acting to editing, sound recording to storyboard production and creative consultation. He is Co-Founder of Submersive Films, a production company whose goals include deepening public awareness in a host of social issues ranging from environmental causes to child abuse.

While in film school, Chris worked at a liquor store in a low-end San Francisco neighborhood. Having seen firsthand the terrible effects of chronic addiction, he dedicated the next four years of his life to, The Meaning of Filo, and its realistic portrayal of such. Working closely with Adam, he developed the visual narrative, look and feel of the film through an extensive storyboarding process that took over two years to complete.

As production began, Chris auditioned and hired actors while securing shooting locations and permits, worked closely with actors during shooting, then played a major role in the editing of the film, both video and sound.

Chris currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he is developing
the story for a screenplay that focuses on themes of child abuse.


Adam H. Anderson

Director of Photography / Producer

Hailing from roots in the San Francisco art scene, Adam is a true independent with a fresh eye and a robust technical background. Along with an Engineering background at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, Adam graduated with a BFA from the Academy of Art University – SF.

Currently, Adam resides in Oakland and works as a camera operator and editor at Climate One at the Commonwealth Club. Filming in front of a live studio audience, each hour long program brings together top thinkers and doers from business, government, academia and advocacy groups to advance the discussion about a clean energy future.

As a Co-Founder of Submersive Films, Adam has also worked for numerous clients
including: Dreamworks Studios, Cottonopolis Films, Green Planet Films, Global
Performance Media, Spiral Group and Fantastic Imagery, amongst others.


Matt Webber

Sound Recordist / Crew

Matt Webber is a filmmaker and photographer and has made two feature documentaries. Matt’s first film was about a Holocaust survivor and how he was able to express himself through art. Beyond The Barbed Wire, An Artist’s View of the Holocaust, has been seen around the world and is viewed at top level Universities in History and Art classrooms.

Matt won a Best Feature Documentary award at The Anderson Valley Film Festival for his second film, I’m The Divider, Immigration and the Fake Civil War. Webber plans to continue making documentary film and develop a brand new animation project called Floaters about ghosts who meet in Heaven.

His future projects involve the use of live streaming broadcasts for both journalistic and performance based applications. Calling on his documentary and interviewing background, Matt’s future plans include streaming live concerts, public appearances, breaking news and travel programming.


Christina M. Smith

Assistant Director / Crew

Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Smith now resides and works in the San Francisco Bay area. Her early education includes a certificate in Business & Marketing, which she achieved in Monroe County, PA in 2001.

Christina then moved to west to California and graduated from the Academy of Art University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2006 and a Master of Fine Arts in Photography in 2012.

She has recorded weddings, parties, public events and numerous music videos. Some of the bands include: Maypole Tiamaught and The Astronaut, Roadside Memorial The Devil’s Face, and Consume.

Her photographs have been exhibited solo and in group shows in San Francisco.

Smith is currently involved in a feature film project entitled, Champions of Charm, and as producer and director of the film, Opera Divina. Both films are scheduled for completion by spring of 2013.

Her short horror film, Amiable Amber, based on her original screenplay, was completed in 2004, and is currently being re-made into a feature film.


Ryojiro Sato


Ryojiro started his early education in classical music in Japan at the age of 10, primarily studying piano. In his teens he shifted his interest to music composition, focusing his studies in learning basic composition skills such as harmonization and various counterpoint techniques. He continued his composition studies in high school, where he took lessons primarily from Teruyuki Noda (professor at Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku) and studied 18th century Fuga writing skills.

During Ryojiro’s college years at the University of Miami (2001-2007), he studied advanced orchestration and composition from John Van der Slice, Dennis Kam. His chamber music piece entitled, Gen, was performed in 2007 at St. John’s United Methodist Church in Miami Beach by the chamber orchestra group, Project Copernicus, conducted by Chung Park. The orchestra piece, Phases of the Insoluble, had a premier performance at the University of Miami by Frost Symphony Orchestra in 2007.

Most recently, Ryojiro has been distributing music for local artists / game developers / musicians and DJs while working fulltime as a Quality Assurance coordinator at a video game company in San Mateo, Califonia.


James Misslicin


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