Ken Ludden

plays Bob

Ken Ludden is primarily known as a classical ballet dancer with a twenty-year international career to his credit, but throughout that career he maintained a presence, onstage and screen, both as an actor and a singer. His first appearance on television was in the mid 1950s at a “Tiny Tots Concert” with Leonard Bernstein, and then was in the first live televised orchestral program in 1958 with Captain Kangaroo and the National Symphony Orchestra at Washington, DC’s Constitution Hall. Later, he played the role of Jerry in the Warner Cable production of Edward Albee’s “Zoo Story”, which was the first play filmed on location for cable television in 1974. He also appeared in several television shows about dance, including “Backstage at the Ballet” on Tennessee’s PBS program “Arts Around 2” (the show appeared by request for over fifteen years). As a child he played bit parts in “Ranger Hal”, “Sky King”, “Captain Kangaroo” and “Bozo the Clown”. His stage credits include the title role in “Lillian” – the stage play upon which the musical Carousel was based, the touring production of Sweet Charity, and as an actor/dancer in the John Cage concert tour in 1969. He also performed as the head of the acting ensemble in the Wolf Trap production of “War and Peace” conducted by Sarah Caldwell. He is currently represented by an agency in Melbourne, Australia and has appeared in several productions there, where he first met and worked with Clare Larman.

Ludden is currently the director of The Margot Fonteyn Academy of Ballet in New York, where he works closely with the dramatic arts and musical arts programs as an instructor and lecturer.

Clare Larman

plays Mrs. Fellini

Clare Larman lives and works in Melbourne Australia. She has worked in various stage shows, TV and film, and co wrote and performed in ‘Vice and Virtue in Little Lon’ with Maureen Hartley, a perambulating show through the streets and laneways of Melbourne seen through the eyes of a late 19th Century prostitute (Vice) and a wowser (Virtue). Clare and Maureen took this to Belfast in 2007. They have been ‘partners in crime’ for 19 years and have written and performed many other shows together. Clare was honoured to be involved in ‘Filo’ and looks forward to the next film from these dynamic guys!

William Ayers

plays BILL

William Ayers is an Actor/Writer/Director/Producer from Boston, Massachusetts. Having worked with many notable filmmakers in the past decade, William is currently primed to launch his own series, T.R.Y.B.E., a strong, supernatural vision of law and order.

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