Bob is a recovering alcoholic living by himself. A construction worker by trade, he is unable to work due to his knee being cracked in four places – the result of a work related injury which was caused by his drinking on the job. Now living on Social Security, he does odd jobs as a plumber to supplement his meager income. The accident became a moment of clarity for Bob and he decided to stop drinking and joined Alcoholics Anonymous. Bob has gotten a tremendous amount of support from Bill, his AA sponsor, who makes himself available 24 hours a day. Bob regularly attends closed AA meetings which are administrated by Bill and held twice weekly in a church meeting hall. Bob relies heavily on Bill’s support, phones him frequently, and starts to think about drinking if Bill becomes too distant. Bob has recently begun having nightmares about being restrained and murdered in a cellar by Filo, a dark figure whose identity is a mystery to Bob.


- The Devil on Bob’s shoulder

Mrs. Fellini has been Bob’s upstairs neighbor and off/on girlfriend for several years. The two met when Bob was hired by the apartment manager to fix a plumbing issue that had arisen in her apartment, and when she started flirting with Bob he was hooked. Their affair lasted long and was never without passion – or liquor. Mrs. Fellini was just as heavy a drinker as Bob, and when his accident happened the visits ended. Bob soon joined AA and came to avoid Mrs. Fellini altogether.


- The Angel on Bob’s shoulder

Bob’s AA sponsor and confidant. Bill was introduced to Bob by another AA member, one of Bob’s construction co-workers, and agreed to sponsor him into their chapter. AA is Bill’s greatest passion in life, and he holds closed meetings twice a week with other members that he sponsors.


Filo works at the corner store in Bob’s neighborhood. In Bob’s dreams Filo represents the disease of alcoholism inhabiting his inner world. In reality Filo is just a store clerk who Bob gets his booze from. Bob’s subconscious has twisted Filo into a shadowy stalker because Bob gets his alcohol from him.

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